Case Studies:

arrow Buti Yoga

What was the goal?

  • Transition our marketing and revenue streams to online revenue streams;
  • Create compelling video ads that would bring in consistent sales;
  • Create campaigns that significantly increase new trial sign ups;
  • Develop a customer journey process that converts free trials to paid monthly subscribers;
  • Set up advanced tracking and analytics to be able to accurately measure revenue and profits;
  • Establish brand awareness within targeted countries.

What was the plan?

To accomplish the first goal of achieving local brand awareness, trial sign up, and paid subscribers, our team created content with the Buti Yoga team. This content was designed with a few key elements for maximum impact:

  • Showcasing their unique styles and format that would separate them from the rest of the competition;
  • Building trust with consumers and the further developing the brand;
  • Creating a multi-step funnel approach to ads in order to maximize each step of the customer journey;
  • Crafting offers that would convert visitors into free trials and free trials into paid subscribers;
  • Creating Direct Response style dialog to get viewers to take action and ultimately purchase further down the funnel.


What was the result?

  • May 2020, our country saw its first complete shut down and Buti Yoga had to close all of their local yoga studios.
  • This was a huge hit to the business and we quickly had to come up with a way to pivot in the new normal.
  • We decided to focus on growing the online fitness platform monthly subscriptions.
  • We came up with this 7 month campaign that generated superior results

Starting MRR

MRR 6 Months

Starting Members

Members 6 Months

6 Months Revenue Generated (LTV)

New Members Acquired

Free Trials Gained