Case Studies:

arrow Marni Wing Girl

What was the goal?

  • Marni is a dating coach for men and has spent the last decade helping tens of thousands of men with their dating life.
  • When Marni came to 2nd String Marketing, she was at a pretty good place with her business. She had a great following on YouTube with over 500K subscribers.
  • But she was having a problem scaling her ads and paid acquisition.
  • She was stuck for the past 9 months averaging $34,733 per month with her paid ads.
  • We started working with Marni in May 2020 and were able to increase her monthly revenue to an average of $165,694 (4.7X more per month)
  • The 7 month marketing strategy we implemented was responsible for the following…

What was the plan?

  • Needed to optimize and increase the conversion rate of the sales page because it was under 0.5%;
  • Create compelling video ads that would generate consistent sales from Facebook and YouTube;
  • Create campaigns that produce a significant flow of leads and purchases day to day;
  • Develop a customer journey process that increases customer Life Time Value;
  • Set up advanced tracking and analytics to be able to accurately measure revenue and profits and then scale rapidly;
  • Establish brand awareness within targeted countries;
  • Automation of the lead follow-up to optimize the Life Time Value and increase repeat buyers.


What was the result?

To accomplish the goals we set for this 7 month marketing campaign we put into place the following:

  • We implemented optimization and tracking tactics to increase the conversion rate of the sales page from under 0.5% to 1.75% which resulted in over 300% increase in conversions.
  • We implemented an omni channel marketing approach to maximize each platform.
  • We set up custom data tracking to ensure we knew exactly how much profit we made from each marketing campaign.
  • Once the base was set, we optimized and scaled the advertising to effectively quadruple the monthly revenue.

Monthly Revenue Before Our Campaign (Paid Media)

Monthly Average After Our Campaign (Paid Media)

Ad Spend

Customers Acquired Through Paid Media (6 Months)

Revenue Generated (LTV)