Case Studies:

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What was the goal?

We wanted to diversify our revenue and sales channels. 80% of revenue was coming from amazon so we wanted to start directly selling from shopify. The goal for our campaigns were to increase the D2C side and shopify site. Also continue to increase brand presence in order to increase sales on all channels. We also needed to increase profitability of the store because it was extremely low.

What was the plan?

Create a multi channel marketing approach to launch a full funnel campaign. Create TOF, MOF, and BOF campaigns meant to drive leads and sales through the shopify side. Need to make a 90 day plan to scale sales while also increasing profits. Cut the waste scale what works.


What was the result?

  • Month 0 August we were setting things up.
  • Then September was our first full month and sales increased over 20% and profit 906%.
  • Then month 2 October increased sales 282% compared to month 0 and increased profits 8519% compared to the month we started.
  • Then the last month of the 90 day campaign we started with we hit another record for sales and profit.
  • Hit $281,981 in sales and $155,067 profit. Compare that to month before we started sales were at $56,594 and profit at $754.

August Sales

August Ad Spend


September Sales

September Ad Spend


October Sales

October Ad Spend

November Sales

November Ad Spend