Case Studies:

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What was the goal?

We wanted to scale up the membership subscription. Monthly paid subscription was $97 a month. Also needed to start generating awareness and leads that we could start to nurture into memberships over time.

What was the plan?

Use different paid media channels to acquire free trials and turn those trials into paid subscribers. We would use super simple organic based ads to keep production cost low during this launch. While doing direct ads to the free trial we also were going to launch campaigns meant to drive awareness and get leads that over time we would convert through remarketing, SMS, and email.


What was the result?

First 2 months of launching we were able to achieve a profitable acquisition cost. That was the main goal was to build an acquisition machine that could allow us to go out and get customers at a profit.

Avg Cost Per Lead

Avg Cost Per Trial

Trial to Paid Conversion Rate

Cost Per Paid Subscriber